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Ted & Rosanne
Ted & Rosanne

Ted McMahon, trip leader, is an award-winning poet and has been a practicing pediatrician in the Northwest for 30 years. His river experience includes the Colorado, Upper Main Salmon, Snake, Rogue, Klamath, Clackamas, Crooked, Wenatchee, Deschutes, North Umpqua, Owyhee, Illinois and the Middle Fork of the Salmon. A graduate of Williams College and Duke University School of Medicine, he has a deep appreciation for the complexities and mysteries of the natural world. Having worked extensively with families in distress, he understands the role of narrative, story, and myth in the healing processes both of families and of individuals. Ted views “The Hero’s Path” as an opportunity for each participant to expand his or her self-awareness as a member of a supportive group in an awe-inspiring natural setting. Ted's books of poetry include First Fire, 1996 and The Uses of Imperfection, 2003.


John & Sue
John & Raechel

John Running, Raechel Running, and Rosanne Olson, trip facilitators, bring a positive, creative and problem-solving approach to everything they do, from shooting photographs for the annual report of a Fortune 500 company to creating a superb pineapple upside-down-cake in a Dutch oven on the banks of the Colorado River. John and Raechel, a father-and-daughter team, have logged over 150 river journeys through the Grand Canyon. They are familiar with its most beautiful and secret places. Long-time residents of the Southwest, they are also respectful admirers of the culture and world-view of the Navajo People, and will gladly share their experiences with you. Rosanne has been Ted's life-partner for 25 years. Her empathy and people-skills allow her clients to put aside their defenses before the camera—the results shine forth in her portraits. Her energy and enthusiasm always enhance our journeys—Rosanne never turns down a challenge.


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